GAMEON'2009, November 26-28, 2009, Mediadesign Hochschule, Duesseldorf, Germany, Keynote Speaker

Conference Keynote

Challenges of AI in Games

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Jan-Anton Derer, M. Sc.
Bundesallee 55
D-10715 Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49.(0)30 81862440


High-quality graphics in games is quite common. Physics and AI within games are current quality-benchmarks. This contribution will show the actual state-of-the-art AI in games and the point of views of developers and gamers. Developers have to make a decision between knowledge, performance, budget and time to realize which results in a wide range of solutions. The solutions might range from a non-dynamic scripting level over finite state machines up to neuronal networks and many more. Gamers would like to have an AI that acts authentic (not realistic). That means an AI makes errors (may depend on the level of difficulty), has the same knowledge about the level as gamers and has to gather the knowledge. But it also has to make assumptions of behaviour of gamers reactions and its own unexpected behaviour that are easily comprehensible. This contribution will show some examples of good and bad AI reactions, postulate possible challenges for the industrial AI in games and try to give a preview of the near future.

Curriculum Vitae

Jan-Anton Dérer studied computer science with focus on intelligent systems and reached the German diploma degree "Diplom Informatiker (FH)". Afterwards, he studied computer science with focus on computer graphics and reached the Master of Science degree. Currently he works on his dissertation with the title: "A rule-based implementation of evolutionary algorithms for relational growth grammars to specify visualizable vegetation models". Since June 20007 he is chief of the faculty "Gamedesign" at the MD.H in Berlin.
His actual researches are artificial intelligence and artificial life in games. He is also working in the branch of software-engineering in the games industry and tries to establish game study as a separate interdisciplinary research topic. His vitae in the industry began with the international acting company Sodexho Card Services GmbH where he worked for a couple of years. Current he owns and works as the CEO for the companies "Dipl. Inf. (FH) Jan-Anton Dérer, M.Sc." and "binary madness". Both companies cover several parts of IT- from consulting and training via application development up to game development and game design. He is also working as an examiner for the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce and a German certification-company named "Cert-IT".

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