ECEC 2010, April 14-16, 2010, UPV Gandia, Gandia, Spain, Conference Workshops

Conference Workshops

The conference organization is open to suggestions on possible workshops featuring software packages, new hardware or methods used in concurrent engineering.

If you want to propose a concurrent engineering simulation workshop please contact;

Open Concurrent Design Server

The OCDS is an initiative of the European Space Agency, The OCDS provides the building blocks of a Concurrent, Collaborative and Distributed Engineering for the Space Industry, using Open Standards Information Models and Reference Libraries.

The OCDS is the vehicle to distribute ESA’s CDF ( )Concurrent Design methodology and a set of tools to the Space industry, organisations and academia. At the same time it distributes an open data exchange standard for early phase space system engineering and design activities described in the ECSS-TN-10-25.

The OCDS helps the European Space Community to:
* Increase Data Management Capabilities, including Life Cycle Data Management
* Support the information longevity objective
* Achieve a hardware and software independent solution
* Optimise the design process
* Consolidate Design Models in a repository based on open standards
* Improve communication to Contractors and partners, using Open and publicly available standards (e.g. ISO, ECSS, ….)
* Streamline the communications to other ESA corporate applications using model based integration
* Connect data to product assurance (PA/QA) activities.

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