ECEC'2014, 20th European Concurrent Engineering Conference, April 28-30, Novotel, Bruges, Belgium, Aim


The conference aim of the 21st annual European Concurrent Engineering Conference, ECEC'2014 is to provide European Researchers with a forum, where they can discuss the latest developments linked to concurrent engineering focused on European research projects. ECEC'2014 aims to identify the progress that has been made in Concurrent Engineering/Lean Manufacturing over the last year. A special focus of the ECEC'2014 will be the influence of 3D Printing, Digital Direct Manufacturing, also known as additive manufacturing, the new field of Data-Driven Tradespace Exploration and Analysis and the new directions in Lean Manufacturing.

The ECEC helps the dissemination of information and exploitation of results from the research and technical development and provides a forum for the exchange of experiences in developing and implementing CE based solutions across the wide spectrum of manufacturing and engineering industries. The conference is targeted at industrial enterprises, industrial associations, universities and research institutes.

Who should attend

The conference will be of direct benefit to process, production, design or development managers in manufacturing, strategic directors, quality managers and technical directors. The conference will also be of interest to industrial and academic researchers.

You can download the ECEC 2014 Call for Papers here in Text format and here in PDF format. Not yet linked.

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