FUBUTEC'2017, 12th Future Business Technology Conference, May 31- June 2, 2017, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Keynote

Keynote Speech

Visual Information Retrieval - from Research to Practice

Tatiana Jaworska
Systems Research Institute
Polish Academy of Sciences
Warsaw, Poland


We live in the information age where individuals have instant access to large amounts of information. As a result, visual information technology helps to filter and present amassed information and to better support decision-making. Everybody is familiar with WWW and text retrieval, and here we will present what can be received using an image search engine in such branches as: digital shopping, architectural real estate and engineering design, fashion and interior design, trademark image registration, tourism, etc.

Business, generally, is interested in knowledge management. In the market, on the one hand, there are many decision support systems and expert systems based on different distributed databases and knowledge repositories. On the other hand, nowadays systems use graphical interfaces and need graphic data. For example, supermarket clients do not take products from the shelves but take barcodes or QR codes or products themselves and send the photos to a cash desk in order to get some discount. Clients of internet shops want to see if this or that piece of cloth will fit them in virtual reality.

We try to figure out the methods to tackle these challenging situations. We establish a new understanding of creative methods and our research as applications in practice, extending knowledge bases in knowledge retrieval. Against this background, we will introduce the content-based image retrieval (CBIR) and search engine problems.

All approaches presented below will concentrate on the non-textual finding of images, operating on purely visual content as a retrieval technique. It is significant in the situations when images do not have tags or labels.

We exemplify the CBIR system by showing the real estate matching based on the user query. We emphasize that the system prepared in the institute can be applied to a different kind of matching, for example, to retrieve some piece of cloth designed by the user or even interior design.

Curriculum Vitae

Professional career
* Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, Assistant Professor (from 2001)
* Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, Assistant (1996-2001)
* State Inspectorate of Environment Protection, GIS Specialist (1992-1996)

Professional activities
* Project of content-based image retrieval system (CBIR), from 2005
* Grant No. 7T11C04520 of State Committee for Scientific Research (supervised) "Wavelet transformation for point-to-point correspondence in stereo images", 2001
* GIS visualization of air pollution forecasts, 1997-2000
* IIASA Young Scientists Summer Program at International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria, June-August 1998
* GIS presentation of statistical data concerning all Polish communes 1997
* GIS visualization of strategy of Warsaw's region development, 1996

* Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science - Ph.D.Eng. in IT, 2001
* Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Precision Engineering
- M.Sc.Eng. in industrial automatics and metrology, 1992

You can download her extended CV here in Word format