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Yes, I intend to attend the 2006 GAME'ON-NA Conference:
O   Presenting a paper (by submitting an extended abstract or a full paper)
O   Presenting a short paper (by submitting a 1-2 page short paper proposal)
O   Participating in the industrial program or by organizing a vendor session
O   Proposing a panel discussion (please mention the names of the intended panelists)
O   Contributing to the exhibition
O   Without presenting a paper

The provisional title of my paper / exhibited tool is:
With the following highlights:

The paper belongs to the category (please tick one): TO SUBMIT THE ABSTRACT OR PAPER PROPOSAL ITSELF USE THE THEMES PAGE
[ ] Artificial Intelligence
[ ] Physics and Simulation
[ ] 3-D Scalability
[ ] Facial Animation
[ ] Skeletal Animation and Fully Scaled Rendering
[ ] 3-D in Game Animation
[ ] Tools
[ ] Design
[ ] Rendering
[ ] Security
[ ] Voice Interaction
[ ] Cognitive Psychology
[ ] Artistic Input
[ ]
[ ] Applications
[ ]
Game Console Design
[ ] Exhibition
[ ] Poster session
[ ] Student Session

The paper will be submitted as a:
[ ] Full Paper (5-8 pages)   [ ] Extended abstract (3-4 pages)   [ ] Short Paper (1-2 pages)
Please note that only full papers and extended abstracts can be accepted to be worked out as regular papers in the proceedings. Only a small percentage of full paper submissions will be considered for an extended, 8 page paper. Submissions shorter than one full page, will not be considered at all.

Other colleague(s) interested in the topics of the conference is/are:


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