June 15-17, 2006, University of Naples Federico II, Napels, Italy

Conference Aim

Conference Aim

During the last decades several research groups developed mathematical models with increasing relevance for practical application in the food industry. The next step is to implement these models into both R&D and process operation in the industry. In doing this, new issues arise such as standardisation and coupling of different simulation models.

The 4th bi-annual FOODSIM conference, conceived in 2000 by Daniel Thiel from ENITIAA in cooperation with the European Simulation Office, will bring together model developers, food experts and (potential) industrial users of model simulation tools. The conference will present the state-of-the-art in using computer models in development and operation of food products. Special attention is given to the industrial implementation, use and benefits.

The PRELIMINARY PROGRAMME can now be viewed here.

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