New Updated EUROSIS Membership Page is now online!

Dear Colleague,

I have the pleasure to inform you that the upgraded
EUROSIS membership information page is now online.

As we aim to move EUROSIS closer to future
European Projects in the way of coordinated simulation
project proposals, you can be part of this future
and in a more active way help raise the awareness
of simulation and modelling in and outside the
European Union.

For those of you who are already members, it is time
to renew and see what more we have to offer than
a couple of years ago.

For those who are not yet members, why not take the
time to have a look at what we offer and join the
organization of one of the most active simulation
societies at present in Europe.
Because as they say the future is now!.



Here follows an overview of the Features and benefits of EUROSIS Membership

Since our founding in 2003. The European Multidisciplinary Society for Modelling and Simulation Technology has been made up of engineers, scientists, managers, business professionals, students and educators. A very diverse field, whose interests include: artificial intelligence, microcomputers in simulation, methodology and validation, supercomputers and more.
With this in mind EUROSIS is poised to start several initiatives to address this community. Members will be informed as these initiatives come to fruition.

Membership Categories

Individual Members

Individual Members of EUROSIS can either be
- Full Member: This membership is open to all who have been professionally involved in computer simulation for at least 4 years, or who hold an appropriate 5 year degree from an accredited college or university.
- Associate Member: This Membership is open to anyone who is interested in the technology of simulation or applications thereof.

Institutional Members

Institutional Membership is available to educational institutions, such as universities, research centres and libraries. This is an opportunity for your university or college to sponsor an organization that serves educators, students and society by advancing the science of computer simulation. We encourage professors on campus to coordinate student chapters that will facilitate interaction between the professional and business community.

Industry Members

Corporate Membership is available to companies working in the field of computer simulation and modelling, simulators and related areas of interest.

Student members

Student Membership is open to any person regularly enrolled on a substantially full-time basis in an institution of higher learning. Students need to add a copy of their student card or a signed letter by their tutor with the Membership Form.

Member Benefits

There are many benefits to joining the "The European Multidisciplinary Society for Modelling and Simulation Technology" including:

All Members

* EUROSIS quarterly journal, which contains concise articles covering the latest research in Europe and beyond, book reviews, conference reports, opinion pieces (more info to follow)
* Our monthly e-mail bulletin, which contains the latest news, conference calls, job opportunities, projects and information on EUROSIS events.
* Reduced registration fees at all EUROSIS events. Typically this reduced rate makes it cheaper to join the Society and then register for any EUROSIS event than to attend the conferences as a non-member.
* Reduced prices for all EUROSIS Proceedings.
* Access to restricted areas of this web site. (At a later date)
* Link to our Linked-in Forum
* Assistance in the formation of TC's through small grants towards recruiting external speakers.
* As TC members you will have your personal pages on the website with links to your university, institution etc...
* First updates on EU-Projects from the EU and from EUROSIS Members as they come in.

The EUROSIS membership fee is also tax deductable (quote membership to EUROSIS together with your membership number).

Institutional and Industry Members

They receive all the standard member benefits. Additionally institutional and corporate members gain:
* Institutional and Corporate Logos will be placed on the Society's web site.
* Institutional and Corporate Logos will be placed on the Society's publications catalogue and proceedings
* Free advertising or features on the web site and newsletter.
* Free job advertising through the web site and newsletter.
* The opportunity to consult the committee and the experts.

Student members

* Travel awards for either ISC or ESM.

Member Rights

As a member of EUROSIS
* You will be able to vote on the selection of members of the Scientific Board
* You will be able to vote on the selection of members for the Conference Board
* You will be able to propose new TC's and TC Members
* You will be able to make proposals on new Tracks/Topics and Research Projects, which will be automatically distributed to the members
* You will be able to propose new members to the Editorial Board of the EUROSIS Journal
* You will be able to receive funding for TC meetings at the EUROSIS conferences. This will be on a case to case basis
* You will be able to receive help from ETI in preparing your European simulation project proposals
* You will be able to receive help from ETI in preparing workshops related to European simulation projects linked to EUROSIS.

Membership Dues

Membership dues are used for:

  • Supporting Member activities
  • supporting TC, Council and Board Meetings expenses
  • sponsoring EUROSIS student member participation to events for a maximum of € 300
  • sponsoring Student projects (more info to follow)

Membership Prices

Membership Fees
Individual Member
Student Member
Institutional Member
Corporate Member






Joining EUROSIS is really easy - simply print out and fill in the membership form linked below and send it to the address shown at the bottom of the membership form or by fax to +
We only accept payment in €, so if you wish to pay by cheque please ensure it is in € and made payable to "EUROSIS" and ADD € 15 for banking costs.
The other way to join is to tick the membership add-on when registering for EUROSIS conferences. This is both easier for you and faster for us to process.

Online membership form

Membership Forms
Individual Member
Student Member
Institutional Member
Corporate Member

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