EUROSIS publishes a number of scientific publications on a yearly basis related to the field of computer simulation and modelling and related areas. These publications are in the following categories:

Conference Proceedings

The Conference Proceedings are published at an annual rate of 6-8 books a year, depending on the number of conferences, held in any given year. The topics cover those as set out in the conference themes of each and every conference. See either the conferences pages or the proceedings pages for more information. All conference proceedings are copyrighted by EUROSIS-ETI Bvba, and are ISI-Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge (formally ISI-Thomson Scientific), IET (formally IEE-INSPEC), SCOPUS and Elsevier Engineering Village referenced.
Papers from ISC can also be found at the Loughborough University Repository and from ESM at the Imperial College E-Repository. (link 1 and 2)and at the University of Southampton repository. While EUROMEDIA papers have now also appeared on the Deakin University archive.
Papers from GAMEON now also appear on the University of Abertay repository.

All EUROSIS publications now have as their legal repository the Royal Library of Belgium, where they are registered under CIP number 12.620- D/2011/12.620/1.

Journal Publications

Depending on the nature of the conference, selected papers of the event are published in the following journals and online databases:

From 2023 EUROSIS will work together with the publishers of The Journal New Trends in Computer Sciences which publishes original research papers that provide insights into computer sciences and applied computing issues, as a trusted vehicle to publish its extended conference papers in journal paper format.


Selected FOODSIM papers are published in the Elsevier journal Food Research International. - ISSN:0963-9969 (Impact factor 3)

For ISC:
Selected papers on energy are published in the International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology (see the editors'list)-ISSN 1757-2657 - Vol 2 No.4, 2010, and Vol 7 No.2, 2015 the International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology and The Central European Journal of Engineering.

For ESM:
Selected papers on parallel processing are published in the International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology (see the editors'list) and the Journal of Parallel and Distributed Scientific and Engineering Computing.

EUROSIS proceedings are available from Amazon



All proceedings are available in:

  • Printed Format -(PF)
  • The hardcopy proceedings, as it was distributed at the conference.

  • Electronic Format (for download in zipped format) -(EF)
  • The book in electronic format, containing the following files. Intro pages, Contents Pages, Scientific Programme and Author Listing. This as an alternative for the hard copy or if the Proceedings is no longer available in printed format.

  • Printed on demand -(POD)
  • ETI Bvba retains a number of extra copies of the covers, so that if you want a special reprint of the hardcopy proceedings this can be provided if the original proceedings is no longer available and you do not want the electronic copy.

Books on Computer Simulation

EUROSIS publishes conference proceedings for third parties, books on computer simulation or on computer simulation related topics on demand. These are either textbooks or PhD Theses. EUROSIS retains the copyright, unless otherwise agreed upon. Quotes are on demand.

EUROSIS has been requested by Cambridge Scholars Publishing to produce a number of specialized books on the use of simulation and modelling. A first book is in the works on Transport and Traffic Simulation edited by Gerrit Janssens, Kenneth Soerensen and Cathy Macharis. This book is in pre-production and will be published in 2013. (in about 6 months time)

If you are interested in proposing a book or being part of the Editorial Board you can send me an email. BEWARE preference is given to paid up EUROSIS members and present conference IPC members.

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Simulation Newsletter and Blog

In future next to the regular emails, EUROSIS members will be able to receive an html newsletter on a monthly basis covering all EUROSIS activities, simulation news etc; or following them on the modelling and simulation blog of EUROSIS.

Be informed about the future newsletter here.

Other books related to simulation activities

Some books are published on a third party basis by EUROSIS, where EUROSIS acts as the publisher. This publication is only done on demand and after an in-house agreement between EUROSIS-ETI (the publisher) and the third party. Quotes are on demand.

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Key books in Simulation

Here we publish links to what we here consider at EUROSIS to be the key books in simulation research now available on the market. The suggested link has to include a short description of the book and a web link.

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On-Line Publications

A number of on-line publications are available on a free basis on the web. We have attempted to link as many as possible here. If you have a link some where you can always contact us with the link info here.

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