On-Line Simulation/Game Programming Courses

Online Simulation Game Programming Courses

This page aims to be a repository of free on-line simulation, modelling and game programming courses, tutorials and introductory texts on the web. You can add or suggest extra missing links here.
You can also find find links to free/open source development software on the software pages here.

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The Basics

What is simulation?
What's a Genetic Algorithm (GA)
Introduction to Feedforward Neural Networks
What is CORBA

General Simulation Links

Video Courses

Academic Earth Simulation Courses
Academic Earth Modeling Courses
Academic Earth Game Theory Course
Youtube EDU Simulation
Youtube EDU Modelling
Youtube EDU Gaming
How to create a Game Environment
Introduction to Smoke Simulation
Computational Fluid Dynamics on iTunes
Process Mining TV
Introduction to Lean Manufacturing - You need to register for a free account to obtain access.
Complex Systems Simulation I (Business Systems Complexity)
Complex Systems Simulation II (Modelling Approaches)
Complex Systems Simulation III (Specific Tools and Techniques)
Complex Systems Simulation IV (Project Management Example)
Finite Modelling with Hypesizer
Coursera University courses on Modelling and Gaming
Introduction to Augmented Reality
Open Education Database

Software Webinars/Tutorials and Online Simulations

ExtendSim Webinars
Matlab Webinars
WebMinimos NT Simulation
PMC Simulation Webinars
Introduction to CSIM

Simulation Methodology

Microsoft Simulation Tutorials
Microsoft Modelling Tutorials
Introduction to Modeling and Simulation lectures
Principles of Modeling
Introduction to Simulation
Modelling and Simulation - An Introduction
Introduction to Simulation
Design and Analysis of Simulation Experiments
Simulation Modelling
Modeling and Control of Multidisciplinary Systems
Model Reduction
MIT OpenCourseWare Simulation Courses
Simulation Encyclopedia
Regression Models with Count Data - Overview of regression models

Specific Simulations

3D Simulation Programming

Simulation Engine Rendering, Physics and Sounds Tutorials

Agent Based Simulation

Introduction to Agent-Based Modelling
Introduction to Agent Based Simulation(Pdf file 37 slides)

Anthropological Simulation

Computer-based Simulation Modelling for Anthropologists

Augmented Reality

Introduction to Augmented Reality

Biological Modelling and Simulation

Biological Modelling and Simulation
BiotechLAB – Modelling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems – A Collection of Applied Examples
Introduction to Predator Prey Simulation

Discrete Event Simulation

Introduction to Discrete Event Simulation
A Discrete-Event Simulation Course Based on the SimPy Language

Distributed Simulation

Distributed Simulation with HLA

Educational Modules & Simulations

Math Simulations
Physics Simulations

Electronics Simulations

Interactive Simulations of Basic Electronic and Operational Amplifier Circuits
Spice Circuit Simulation
PLC Simulator
PSIM PLC Simulator
Web-Enabled Simulation and Debugging for Digital Signal Processors and Microcontrollers
Introduction to Network Simulation
Introduction to VHDL Simulation

Emergent Behaviour

Introduction to Emergent Behaviour

Food Simulation

Introduction to protein simulation

Fluid Dynamics Simulation

The Colorful Fluid Mixing Gallery

Game Programming

Introduction to RPG Game Theory
Amit's Game Programming Information
Programming Languages for 3D Simulation and Games
How to make a platform game
Creating a Heightmap from a Plane
Teach with Portals
Intro to Game Physics with Box2D
Free game art design courseware collections
Learn Game Programming with Unity

Management/Business Simulation

Management Simulation
Business Simulations
Online Futures Trading Simulator
Trading Simulator
Etrade simulator
Trading and Investment Monte Carlo Simulator

Mechanical Simulation

Understanding Motion Simulation? (Pdf file, 17 pages)

Medical Simulations

Medical Patient Simulators and Tutorials
Diabetes-Glucose Simulation

Military Simulation

Follow Me Simulation

Simulation of Mineral Processing Systems

Mineral Processing

Molecular and Chemical Simulation

Molecular Simulation and Monte Carlo Simulation
Molecular Simulation Methods in Chemistry
Interactive Computer Models for Analytical Chemistry Instruction
Chemistry Experiment Simulations, Tutorials and Conceptual Computer Animations for Introduction to College Chemistry
Introduction to Macromolecular Simulation

Monte Carlo Simulation

Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation
Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method
Monte Carlo Simulation with Excel

Monte Carlo Simulation Tutorial

Multibody Simulation

Introduction to System simulation: Multibody systems (MBS) and mechatronics

Numerical Simulation

Introduction to Numerical Simulation

Object-Oriented Simulation

Introduction to Object-Oriented Modelling and Simulation using Open-Modelica. (Pdf book of 139 pages)

Parallel Simulation

Introduction to DEVS

Petri Nets Simulation

Interactive Tutorials on Petri Nets
Introduction to Petri Nets.(This is a pdf file of 94 pages, of which the first chapter deals with introducing Petri Nets)

Physical Simulation

Introduction to Physical Simulation

Physics Simulation

Physics Simulations with JavaTM
Physics Simulation with Java
Simulation of an Electron Gun
Introduction to the Simulation Huygens

Process Mining

What is Process Mining?

Reservoir Simulation

Reservoir Simulation

Statistical Simulation

Java Applets for Visualization of Statistical Concepts

Virtual Reality Simulation

x3D for Developers
VRML Tutorial
Introduction to VRML Standard and 3D Graphics
Appropriate VRML Standards for Scientific Visualization
Visualization of Spatial/Geographic with VRML
Introduction to Virtual Worlds