Submissions Period for 17th Industrial Simulation Conference'2019, June 5-7, 2019, ISEL, Lisbon, Portugal STARTS ON FEBRUARY 18

Dear Colleague,

A quick reminder that in two weeks time on FEBRUARY 18TH
is the beginning of the submission period for ISC'2019,
the 17th annual Industrial Simulation Conference,
which will be held at ISEL ( in Lisbon, Portugal,
from June 5-7, 2019.

The final submission date is FEBRUARY 28TH. You can submit
your papers in between those dates. We would encourage you to aim
for the first date. If, however, you need some extra time at this
point in time, then get back to us immediately as we can still be
flexible at this stage of the conference preparations.

Street Violence and Social Conflicts
Professor Emeritus Helder Coelho, Universidade de Lisboa
Departamento de Informática, Cidade Universitária, Lisbon, Portugal

Discrete-event Simulation Applications in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Lars Mönch, Fernuniversität Hagen, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Hagen, Germany

The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence towards autonomous systems with
personality simulation

Joël Colloc, Université of Le Havre, Le Havre, France


A quick reminder of the topics
- Discrete Simulation Methodology
- Discrete Simulation Analysis
- Discrete Simulation Languages and Tools
- Open Source Simulation Languages and Tools
- Verification, Validation and Accreditation
- Simulation in Computer Science
- Ambient Intelligence and Simulation
- Artificial Intelligence
- VR and Graphical Simulation in Industry
- Augmented Reality and Pervasive Systems in Factories
- Simulation-based evaluation of interactive systems
- Simulation and Training
- Industrial Internet of Things
- e-Business in Collaborative Engineering
- Simulation in Nanotechnology
- Simulation of Complex Multiprocessor Systems
- Simulation in Electronics, Computers and Telecommunications
- Simulation in Aerospace
- Marine Simulation
- Simulation in Military and Defense
- Simulation in Civil and Building Engineering
- Simulation in Chemical, Petroleum and Mining Engineering
- Simulation in Energy and Power Systems
- Servitization
- Automation/Robotics
- Machine to Machine
- Intelligent Connected Systems
- Cyber Physical Systems Simulation
- Fog computing for Robotics and Industrial Automation
- Simulation in Engineering Processes
- Model Driven Engineering
- Simulation in Industrial and Product Design
- Simulation in Automotive Systems
- Choice Modelling Methods and Applications
- Simulation in Multibody Systems
- Organization and Management in Collaborative Engineering
- Supporting Technologies
- Formal Methods, Techniques and Design
- Engineering of Embedded Systems
- Collaborative Engineering data management and information modeling
- Collaborative Engineering process management and simulation
- Collaborative environments for virtual teams
- Collaborative Enhanced Lean Manufacturing Simulation
- Practical applications and experiences
- Factory Planning and Control for SME's
- Data-Driven Tradespace Exploration and Analysis
- Production of One: Digital Direct Manufacturing and Additive Manufacturing
- Smart Factory 1.0 and Industry 4.0
- Steel Manufacturing and New Materials Manufacturing
- Simulation in Electronics Manufacturing
- Simulation Optimization in Manufacturing
- Apparel and Textile Manufacturing Simulation
- Simulation in Logistics
- Simulation in Supply Chains
- Simulation in Hospital Logistics
- Transport Simulation
- Intelligent Transport Systems
- Harbour simulation
- Simulation in Traffic
- Urban Simulation
- Statistical Analysis and Data Mining of Business Processes
- Applications using Data Mining
- Applications using data mining and open source text information mining and analysis
- Patient Centered Health Care with Meaningful Use of IT
- Geosimulation and Big Data
- Simulation Applied to Economics
- Agents in Business Automation and Economics
- Simulation in Business and Economics
- Simulation in Business Games
- Simulation and Analysis of Environmental effects of business
- Simulation Tools for Business Management & Business Intelligence
- Simulation in OR and Knowledge Management
- Emergency Management and Risk Analysis Management
- Predictive Simulation and Methodology for Futures Research
- Policy Modelling and Simulation in E-Management, E-Government, E-Commerce and E-Trade
- Political and Government Simulation
- Sustainable Development Management
- HORIZON 2020 Workshop

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