EUROSIS Looking for an Associate Editor, Guest Editor and Editorial Board Members

Dear EUROSIS Member,

I have the pleasure to announce that in future selected papers of the ECEC-FUBUTEC-ISC-MESM-ESM-ASTEC-NASTEC conferences will be eligible for publication in the following journal, the International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology, which will receive exclusive first right of refusal to publish papers which were presented at the aforementioned conferences.

As this journal will be closely linked to the activities of EUROSIS, the journal's editor and myself have agreed to give our EUROSIS members the first option to submit their full CV, name, contact address and affiliation, contact telephone and email for the following positions. Please be advised, that editors will not receive payment from the publisher(inderscience) for such voluntary academic positions in accordance with the publication policies. For your information, the publisher doesn't charge anything for the paper publication to this journal.

1) Associate Editor, there are still a couple of available associate editors positions available, called regional editor(please check journal's homepage in details).

2) Guest Editor, for EUROSIS, who will be fully responsible for the special issue and should follow the normal review procedure of IJCAET.

3) Member of the Editorial Board, as a member of editorial board, you are qualified to serve as a guest-editor to develop a special issue for the journal in the future, while you can also contribute a paper for this journal.

Once a decision has been taken, this info will be published on the EUROSIS website.

Please send all information to the following email account

( with a cc to me (

Best Regards

Philippe Geril and

Yan Luo, Ph.D.

Editor-in-Chief of IJCAET