FOODSIM'2016, April 3-7, 2016, Catholic University Leuven, Ghent, Belgium, Tutorial

Conference Tutorials

Predictive Modelling under Dynamic Conditions in Food Processing Environments

Vasilis P. Valdramidis
Department of Food Studies and Environmental Health
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Malta, Msida, Malta


Kirk Dolan
Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition
Department of Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering
Michigan State University
East Lansing, USA


Dries Telen and Jan F.M. Van Impe
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven -
Department of Chemical Engineering - BioTeC
Ghent, Belgium


Commercial thermal and non-thermal processes for food are dynamic, where temperature, water activity, and other variables can change with time. Process design requires knowing the parameters of microbial mathematical models describing the dynamic processes. However, most research to obtain the parameters is performed under simulated constant conditions. The objective of this session is to address some of the recent developments to model microbial dynamics of food processes describing examples on how to perform inverse (parameter estimation) problems for a number of different primary-secondary models. Therefore, appropriate experimental designs, such as optimal experimental design, parameter identification under dynamic conditions, and properly statistical indices to discriminate among models is discussed.

You can download the full tutorial here in pdf format.