ASTEC 2007, March 1-3, 2007, Ritsumeikan University, Shiga, Japan, Conference Themes

The conference will cover the following tracks:


Web Based Simulation, Optimization and Response Surfaces, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Virtual Worlds, Methods for Special Applications, Practice, Extensions, XML, Open Source, Model Development, Network Modelling, Distributed Simulation and Industry, Modelling Very Large Scale Systems, Aerospace Operations, Revising Simulation Components. Submit your proposal here


Agent Based Simulation covers, Basic Methodologies, Agent Architectures, Model Specification and Languages, Mobile Agents, Multi Agent System Communication and Cooperation, Multi-Level Simulation and Emergence, decision making and Strategies, plus applications in Ecology and Environment (environment management, resource management, social and political impact on the environment, computer aided decision making, socio-eco systems modelling), psychology, Cognitive Science and AI, Economics and Market Systems, Business Process Management, Industry, Manufacturing and Logistics and Transport(control of Industrial Systems, scheduling, Planning, Supply Chain) and Health Care with the emphasis on simulation and modelling. Submit your proposal here


Space Simulation

Low Cost Simulation Environments, Rapid Simulation Prototyping, Simulation Based Design, Simulation of Satellite Navigation, systems (space segment and terrestrial applications) simulation of satellite constellations, real-time hardware-in-the-loop nab-in-the-loop simulation, flight simulation, distributed interactive simulation and HLA standards, Graphical simulation (virtual environments and virtual reality) applied to aerospace. Modelling and Simulation standards, rationalisation efforts, repositories and reuse. Simulation in support of system specification and design, simulation in support of system assembly, integration and testing. Simulation in support of flight software validation, structural dynamics of Pylon Store Coupling, Flutter Prediction, volterra kernels to model nonlinear aeroelasticity. Submit your proposal here

Aircraft Simulation

Air Systems Simulation Modelling and Design (Airframe, Wing, Lift Coefficient, Parasitic Drag, Aircraft Stabilization, Impact Dynamics, Flight Controls, Avionics, Fit Control, Landing Gear), Control Surface Shaping, Active wing Morphing Control and Self-repair, Structures technology for future aerospace systems, Aerospace Vehicle Systems Technology (AVST), Aviation Safety Analysis Software within the Intelligent Synthesis Environment, Aviation Systems Capacity, Bio-nanotechnology simulation, Aerospace Propulsion and Power (Ultra Efficient Engine Technology, Hypersonic Craft Simulation, Ramjet Simulation, Aerothermoelastic Effects in Hypersonic Vehicles, Micro Air Vehicles Simulation, Small Aircraft Transportation Systems, Quiet Aircraft and Noise Reduction Technology, CICT Simulation, Vision-Based Autonomous Flight, Aircraft-UAV-UCAV networked flight simulation, Stealth and radar evasion technology, Thrust vectorization simulation. Submit your proposal here

Space flight Simulation

next generation launchers (f.ex future X-Pathfinder), reusable launch vehicles (RLV), Aerospace Vehicle Systems, Technology, Payload Launch Simulation, Aerospace Autonomous Operations, System studies for future space transport architectures, Rocket propulsion simulation, Space materials and structures, Aerothermodynamics, launcher health management systems, avionics and in-flight experimentation. Space Cryo Electronics, Innovative Concepts and Technologies for lunar exploration (in-situ resource utilization, nuclear propulsion, habitation, nano-technology, modular architecture. Submit your proposal here


The Modelling in Engineering Processes track focuses on the application of simulation in mechanical and structural engineering. Oscilations and Waves, Stability and Control, Computational Mechanics, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Methods in Engineering Sciences, Optimization Advanced simulation of dynamic systems, Simulation-based design, Qualitative modelling and simulation in engineering, Fuzzy modelling and simulation, Evolutionary synthesis and evolutionary methods in design, Rapid prototyping, CASE systems in engineering
design, Modal Logic systems in design, Simulation in support of system specification and design, Construction Engineering and Project Management. Submit your proposal here


Factory and Logistics Planning

Strategies and Concepts for Production and Logistics, Technical and Organizations Planning of Production and Logistics Systems, Value Stream Mapping, Integrated Factory and Logistics Planning, Innovative Planning Methods, tools and systems. Submit your proposal here


logistics supply chains, inbound logistics, materials management,
Manufacturing Supply Chain Management, physical distribution, production planning and control, outbound and inbound logistics, Simulation of regional logistic systems, distribution centres, inventory management, warehousing decisions, materials management, handling and packaging, logistics information systems, information management in logistics systems, logistics network design and facility location, cost modelling, information systems (networked Manufacturing, Enterprise design and Control, etc…) Submit your proposal here


traffic flows, multi-modal systems, transit, transportation modes, urban city transport, transportation in logistics, transportation management, traffic demand, traffic control, traffic telematics, traffic performance, safety, macroscopic, mesoscopic and microscopic simulations. Submit your proposal here

Port Simulation

(Bulk Terminals, Container Terminals, Harbour Services, Industrial Facilities, Navigation Lines, Multimodal Transports, Oil Terminals, Passenger Terminals, Railways, Ro-Ro Terminals, Ships and Platforms, Supply Chains and Warehouses, Harbour Management, Safety in Maritime
Environments, Vessel Traffic Systems. Submit your proposal here

Airport Simulation

Airport logistics simulation, passenger traffic throughput simulation, Aircraft traffic and airport capacity optimization. Submit your proposal here

Hospital Logistics

Decision support systems in medicine (diagnosis, prognosis, therapeutic, treatment follow-up...) which are based on medical knowledge representation, ontologies and cooperation of different knowledge sources. Organisation of health care units (hospital, ...) which involves management, economics, law, deontology, ethics, social and information technology aspects...f ex. Patient waiting time simulation, Emergency evacuation simulation, Brancardage, hospital occupation simulation and optimization. Submit your proposal here


Robot Systems

Application of Industrial Robots, Service Robots, Control Technology, Development of Mechatronic Products, Innovation Management. Sensor Simulation,Simulation of Natural Environments Simulation of Agent-Environment Interaction/Intelligent Agents, Neural Networks and Simulation, Simulation of Collective Behaviour and Emergent Phenomena, Simulation of Learning and Adaptation Processes, Assessment Criteria and Assessment Methods for Simulators, Quantitative and Qualitative Comparisons between Originals and their Simulations, Simulation of User-System Interaction

Robots in Assembly Systems

Assembly Systems and Components, Processes Product Development and Design, Wiring Technology

Robots in Technical Production Planning

Technical Production Planning, Device and Equipment Technology, Production processes and Sequences, Information Technology. Submit your proposal here


The goal of this track is to exchange ideas, experiences, and research results between practitioners and researchers. It shall offer the opportunity not only for presenting work done but also for discussing new challenges emerging in this area. It focuses on innovative applications of simulation in the field of production and operation management. State-of-the-art applications covering any part of the value adding chain and any aggregation level are encouraged. This track will show the efficient utilization of simulation techniques and hybrid approaches for the optimization of manufacturing processes.

This session covers: Computer Assisted Learning and Simulation Trainers, Customizing of ERP Systems using Simulation, Distributed Simulation Approaches, Hierarchical Simulation, Integrating Process Mapping and Simulation, Manufacturing Consulting, Manufacturing Controls, Model Integration Standards Optimization and Evaluation, Simulation Frameworks, Simulation of (Manufacturing) Processes in Virtual Enterprises, Virtual Factories, and Virtual Manufacturing Simulation Support Tools, Web-Based Workflow Modelling and Simulation, MRP systems; CAD; CAM; CIM; Process design; Process control; Embedded intelligent control systems; Scheduling; Automotive simulation; Robotics and automation. Manufacturing Applications Transportation
and Material Handling, Best Modelling Methods, Integrating Simulation and Design, Manufacturing Modelling Architectures, Manufacturing Modelling Methods, Simulation of Manufacturing Operations. Submit your proposal here


Modeling and simulation of analogue circuits; Modeling and simulation of digital circuits at switch and/or at logic level; Hardware accelerators for circuit-level simulation; Hardware accelerators for logic simulation; Distributed simulation of circuits, components, and systems; Modeling and simulation of computer systems; Fault simulation; Parallel and distributed systems; High-speed networks; Network simulation software; Computer and telecommunication systems; Telecommunication devices and systems; Intelligent telecommunication networks; ISDN; ATM communications. Submit your proposal here


Automotive simulation of Car Design, car behaviour, vehicle driver interaction, collision tests, on board diagnostics, vision enhancement and collision warning systems, vehicle dynamics and simulation, off-road vehicle design and modelling, engineering propulsion controls simulation, power train and fluid systems simulation, hydrogen and electric engine simulation, homogeneous charge compression ignition,
emissions control, brake simulation

Race Car Simulation: Aerodynamics simulation, Atmosphere simulation, Lift-Drag Simulation, Wind Tunnel Simulation, Flow Visualization, Computational Fluid Dynamics. Submit your proposal here


Dedicated to scientific visualization--the new approach in the field of numerical simulation--which focuses on basic geometric, animation and rendering techniques specific to visualization, as well as concrete applications in sciences and medicine. Simulation on graphics workstations and processors. Fundamental problem solving
of computational geometry, various aspects related to representing volume and special methods for modelling natural objects. Particle systems and modular maps, basic and advanced techniques in computer animation, and robotics methods for task-level and behavioral animation applications of visualization and graphics simulation, and computer vision. Submit your proposal here