FUBUTEC'2016, 12th Future Business Technology Conference, April 13-15, 2016, Plymouth University, UK, Conference Aim


As simulation and integrated knowledge management are regarded as the driving forces behind some of the world's largest and most successful business organisations the 12th annual FUture BUsiness TEChnology Conference aims to push business technology research onto the next evolutionary step beyond the building blocks of present day business practices such as "Operations Research" or "Business Process Simulation" This conference is meant to integrate them all into an even higher level enterprise wide framework with its new work roles, responsibilities, reward systems methods and tools.

In other words, attaining true knowledge management is about radical and fundamentally new ways to create retain share and leverage knowledge of people and organisations in ways that were simply not possible before.

Next to the integral simulation part, the conferences try to provide a strategic business overview of knowledge management in all its varied applications. In this aspect, the conference focus is on the latest knowledge strategies that business leaders need in order to become a Knowledge Organisation and to withstand the forces of the financial and management markets in the present day precarious society, which constitutes the global environment. Business Intelligence is the Holy Grail.

As Risk Analysis and Intelligence data Analysis also constitute the driving forces in present day military and security operations, the conference also embraces these aspects in the certainty that the cross-fertilization of military thought and business environments can only lead to simulation product improvement

This year will also feature a new track on Geo Simulation.

You can download the FUBUTEC 2016 Call for Papers here in Text format and here in PDF format.not yet linked

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