Mission Statement of EUROSIS

EUROSIS (The European Multidisciplinary Society for Modelling and Simulation Technology, dedicated to further European research activities in the field of computer simulation and related areas) was borne out of discussions with the European Community to set up a new kind of non-profit society, which would be project driven instead of driven by pure membership and conferences.

The aim of the Society is to set up topic related Technical Committees which will link directly to European Projects in the field of computer simulation and related areas and to act as a knowledge pool for future European Networks of Excellence, like MOSAIC, while using its conferences as vehicles for members to meet and discuss next, to the advances in computer simulation science, future European research projects related to modelling and simulation

The society is run by a Board of Trustees, who manage the day to day operations of the Society, while the scientific part is run by a collective of EUROSIS members, distributed amongst a Board and a myriad of Technical Committees. All financial matters are handled by ETI Bvba (The European Technology Institute)

A copy of the EUROSIS statutes can be downloaded here (in Dutch). An English language version will follow soon.