Conference Board

EUROSIS Conference Board

The EUROSIS Conference Board consists of 8 people (of which one is a rotating chair and one is the rotating secretary) covering the 8 events run by EUROSIS-ETI. They are elected for a period of 4 years.

They meet at least once a year at either the ISC or ESM to give an overview and update of future events and to discuss proposals received by EUROSIS from prospective conference organizers. Meetings are partially sponsored by EUROSIS memberships.

They are in contact with the organizers of the accepted events and help in securing keynote speakers, invited speakers for the events, plus provide guidance in topic/people selection for the conferences.

All members of the EUROSIS conference board are full paying members of the society.

Members of the EUROSIS Conference Board

General Conference Board Chairman

Prof. Antonio Carvalho Brito
University of Porto
Porto, Portugal

You can download his CV here in pdf format.

Conference Board Secretary

Philippe Geril
ETI Bvba
Ostend, Belgium


Nicolae Vasiliu
Polytechnical Inst.of Bucharest Power Faculty,
Splaiul Independentei 313, Sec.6
RO 060042, Bucharest, Romania


Anton Eliens
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Fac.of Sci., Intelligent Multimedia Group
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Jan Van Impe
University of Leuven Research Centre
Ghent, Belgium

ESM Chair

Prof. Antonio Carvalho Brito
University of Porto
Porto, Portugal

MESM Chair:

Prof. Marwan Al-Akaidi
AOU, Kuwait

Finances Chair: Philippe Geril, EUROSIS-ETI, Ostend, Belgium

Conference Chair Positions

In order to have a successful EUROSIS conference a number of positions within each conference have to be filled, these are:

  • General Conference chair
  • General Program Chair
  • Track Chairs
  • Session Chairs
  • International Programme chairs
  • Workshop chairs
  • Poster and Demonstration chairs
  • Industrial session/exhibition chairs
  • Local organization chairs
  • Doctoral Consortium chairs
  • Financial Chair

Conference Chair Duties

General Conference chair

The General Conference Chair (singular or plural)is the figure head of the conference. He or she, is the principal contact point in the early stages of the conference organization until the Financial Chair takes over. He or she submits a proposal for a conference site which is then approved or not by the conference board of that particular conference.
He or she provides the first contacts with the non-scientific local conference organizers (rooms, lunches, coffee breaks, dinner) until the financial chair takes over.
He or she chooses the program chair(s), makes proposals for the keynote speakers, invited speakers and or tutorials. He or she adjudicates on reviewing results, writes the preface of the conference proceedings, either alone or in conjunction with the program chair and he or she opens the conference and introduces the keynote speaker.
He or she advertises the conference to his or her contacts and solicits paper submissions.

General Program Chair

The general Program Chair(s)is appointed by the General Conference Chair. The General program Chair proposes new tracks or sessions for the conference in relation to the interest of his or her institution. He or she can also make proposals for the keynote speakers, invited speakers and or tutorials. He or she appoints the sessions chairs at the conference in coordination with the appointed Track Chairs.
He or she adjudicates on reviewing results if the General Conference Chair is unavailable.
The General Program Chair also functions as a back-up for the General Conference Chair.
He or she advertises the conference to his or her contacts and solicits paper submissions.

Track Chairs

A Track Chair is responsible for the organization of submissions received in his or her track which he or she proposed and which was accepted by the General conference Chair for inclusion in the Programme. He or she appoints the session chairs at conference for his or her track.
He or she advertises the conference to his or her contacts and solicits paper submissions.

Session Chairs

Session Chairs are chosen on a voluntary basis by proposals by either authors or local committee members or are appointed by the Track Chairs, General Program Chair or General Conference Chair.
They are responsible for their assigned session. They make sure their speakers are available, take care of the timing within the session, chair the discussion after each presentation and introduce each speaker based on the CV's given to them by the authors.
In case they chair a session featuring extended papers, then they are required to distribute and collect the reviews of that or those papers at the beginning and end of the session. If they have time they should also indicate in their papers the number of session participants.

International Programme Committee Members

IPC members are either solicited by EUROSIS itself, are accepted upon free solicitation or are appointed by the track Chairs or General Conference Chair or Program Chair.
They are required to review at least 3-4 submissions within a set time and to advertise the conference to his or her contacts and to solicit paper submissions.
When reviewing papers their attention should be focused, not just on giving the paper a quotation but on commenting on the content of the paper, correcting the paper and on providing the author maximum scientific feedback on his or her paper so that the overall quality of the accepted paper after review is enhanced. This is also true for the rejected papers, where positive feedback will help the author to improve his or her paper for future submission at another event. These actions enhance the overall quality of the final proceedings, presentations and conference as a whole.

Workshop chairs

Workshop chairs put forward a complete workshop for inclusion in the conference. This workshop can be on a topic related to the conference themes or a stand-alone theme. This workshop has to be proposed to the general conference chair, the general program chair and to the financial chair. Within the framework of his or her workshop the workshop chair can invite invited speakers, organize tutorials and demonstrations.
He or she has to designate session chairs for his or her workshop.
He or she advertises the workshop to his or her contacts and solicits paper submissions.

Poster and Tutorial chairs

The Poster Chair solicits, collects and reviews the posters. He or she takes care of their display at the conference.
In coordination with the Exhibits Chair the Poster Chair solicits tutorials which are related to the conference themes.

Industrial session/exhibition chairs

The Industrial Chair solicits companies to give either product presentations, product tutorials (in coordination with the Poster/Tutorial Chair) or scientific product related presentations. The latter are included in the conference proceedings. The Industrial Chair also solicits exhibitors for the conference.

Local organization chairs

The Local Organization Chairs take care of last minute problems at the conference. Like equipment failure f.ex. They are also the second line of session chairs on a standby status. They are appointed by the General Conference Chair and the General Program Chair

Doctoral Consortium chairs

Doctoral Consortium Chairs solicit presentations from students, set up a student track and choose the candidate for student support of the conference in coordination with the finance chair.

Financial Chair

The Finance Chair is the sole responsible for all finances and contracts with third parties related to the conference. The Finance Chair for all EUROSIS Conferences is the EUROSIS Secretary General.