ISC'2007, June 11-13, 2007, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands, Conference Tutorials

Conference Tutorials

Tutorials can be proposed in the following three categories:

* T1- Introductory Tutorials
* T2- State of the Art Tutorials
* T3- Software and Modelware Tutorials

Tutorial proposals should be emailed to, by indicating the type of tutorial you would like to suggest. (T1, T2 or T3). An accepted conference tutor receives a free conference registration plus a free publication of his tutorial paper.

scMod/Sim.exe, For Supply Chain Modelling and Simulation

J. Manuel Feliz-Teixeira
University of Porto,


Herein we present a C++ computer application dedicated to modelling and simulating Supply Chain systems (scMod/Sim.exe), with which a wide number of structures and policies can be analysed. The model construction is based on primitives that resemble the real objects involved in these systems, like trucks, transport paths, retailers, factories, warehouses, stocks, fleets, etc. The result is a very simple environment for representing the Supply Chain in a wide range of situations. The simulator application, with its various tools for automatically representing relevant metrics, gives the analyst an excellent opportunity for studying the behaviour of his/her Supply Chain, from the operational basis to the level of strategic decisions. Besides, the simulator includes a tool for helping to create the rigidity matrix of the Supply Chain (Feliz-Teixeira & Brito, 2004), with which the analyst can get an idea about how much his/her system is flexible to demand variations.

About the tutorial:

Here I send my idea about what I would like to do. Everything is resumed in the drawing: (1) Lecture about the scMod/Sim.exe approach; (2) How to create a model; (3) How to simulate the model; (4) Type of results; (5) Measuring Supply Chain Flexibility; (6) Some reports; (7) people may try to use the simulator.

You can download the Tutorial Poster here in pdf format.