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The aim of the European Concurrent Engineering Conference (ECEC) is to provide European Researchers with a forum, where they can discuss the latest developments linked to concurrent engineering with a special focus on European research projects. It aims to identify on a yearly basis the progress that has been made in Concurrent Engineering over the previous twelve months. Furthermore new trends in concurrent engineering research are highlighted so that each year the conference evolves along ongoing research lines linked at present to enhancing lean manufacturing methods. The ECEC conference helps the dissemination of information and exploitation of results from the research and technical development and provides a forum for the exchange of experiences in developing and implementing CE based solutions across the wide spectrum of manufacturing and engineering industries. The conference is targeted at industrial enterprises, industrial associations, universities and research institutions.


The ECEC conference started its life as an enhancement of a conference track of ESM 1988, which looked at the factory of the future. The first dedicated unnamed workshop was held as a standalone workshop alongside the ITEC 1993 conference, which was held at Wembley in the United Kingdom. The next event was called CEEDA as it fell under the umbrella of the University of Southampton. As the University of Southampton stopped the bi-annual event and we wanted to go on with a yearly event, the name was changed to CEE in 1996 and ECEC from 1998 onwards to emphasize the European connection. Thanks largely to the input from people of DaimlerChrysler and related companies the conference has carried on through the years.

In 2017 we changed the name of the event to the European Collaborative Engineering Conference keeping the acronym, but changing the focus.

ECEC is also special in its own right, as it is the only EUROSIS conference, which has a best paper award named after one of the founders of the event, who died in tragic circumstances, in a car crash, while returning home from ECEC2002 in Modena, Italy. His name is Steffen Schwarz. And it is an honour and a privilege for us to be able to award the authors of the best ECEC conference paper with this award named after him.

The ECEC conference was joined with the ISC conference in 2017.




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